Thursday, 1 December 2011

:) simple interest

i'd do some revision with my friend tonite... :)i mean just now.. i am glad that i slowly get used to this environment:) get socialize with some classmate so that i can survive in here... thanks God that he give me this chance to be here and i hope i can stay here.. i hope i can chance my and my family future as well.....

i am finally feeling better day by day.. family seems to be more concern bout me.. i mean they'd finally take the responsibility to helping me out instead of hoping me to survive my own. even i'd learn to live independently, i admit that there's sometimes i blame them for just letting me. but i guess now... my love for them had already expanded.:)

i'll prove that i can do this my self! ~ i would like to make both mummy and daddy feel proud that they had daughter like me. once again i admit that i'd never satisfied with what i'd give or proved. well.... i want when they talk about me to their friend they will said it proudly. 

so.... that the story for today. and i guess i should sleep by this time because i have class with sir ammirul tomorrow morning and i don't wanna look tired cause my face look blur enough. 

i'd being closer to some of my classmate ( sury and linda ) today.. and i hope i can get even closer to everyone inside the classroom soon.. :) 


<<< me!~

<<< me!~