Monday, 12 December 2011

the benefits of reading (among students)

the benefits of readingJ
(part two)
Reading is one of most important things that we will learn in school or university. By reading, we can improve our knowledge and information also a lot of things as well. A week ago, I am myself, together with my group members was assigned to do some essay about the benefits of reading among students. Here are some benefits of reading that we had share during our presentation.

First of all, reading can reduce boredom. People are normally will have their time when they have nothing to do and being bored. So, when you are bored, why don’t try to pick some books and start reading. By choosing the right books, you will found out that reading can be attracting and you will at least stop being bored for a while. But it is also depends on what kind of story or book you are into as we have various interest and specialization. At the same time, you had improved your discipline by making time to read and stick to it.

In addition, by reading, we can improve our self-esteem. It is not hard to spend some of our time to read some books that actually will help us to become more knowledgeable as it will help us in our daily life by providing us enough information so that we have more self-assurance that will lead to high self-esteem. Through the knowledge we got from reading it has actually helps us improve our skills in socializing with people.

Another one benefits we can get from reading is that it is easier for us to make friends especially with the people from different places and country. As reading actually had limited our border of knowledge which will make us always have something to talk about. We can discuss and share about things in the books we read or even talk about others cultures and ethnicity of people, their customs, and their lifestyle without travelling. With more knowledge that we had from reading people will always find us for information right?

As a student, there’s a lot more benefits that we actually can get from reading. Instead of wasting our time doing nothing, there’s no wrong in adding this habit of reading as our hobbies as it actually can make the big changes in our daily life. Well if you never try you will never know. Let us together break this monotony of a lazy and bored life and filled it with information and ingenuity.

(this essay is still too long after i'd summarize it but the idea just dont wanna go.. haha... what shud i do then? without the correct words the meaning or what i actually wanna tell can't be perform well.)


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