Thursday, 1 December 2011


I) What is a countable noun?

a) It is a noun which is for things we can count.
Examples of countable nouns: table, bag, school
We can say: one table, two tables... one bag, two bags...

b) It usually has a plural form:
Examples: table > tables | bag > bags | school > schools

II) What is an uncountable noun?
a) It is a noun which is for things we cannot count.
Examples of uncountable nouns: 
tea, sugar, water, air, rice.

b) Uncountable nouns are 
often the names for abstract ideas or qualities.Examples: knowledge, beauty, anger, fear, love.

c) They usually do not have a plural form. They are used with a singular verb. 
Examples: we cannot say "sugars, angers, knowledges".

We cannot use a/an with these nouns. To express a quantity of one of these nouns, we use a word or expression like:
somea lot ofa piece ofa bit ofa great deal of...
Examples:He gave me a great deal of advice before my interview.
They've got a lot of furniture.


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