Wednesday, 21 December 2011

from the hidden~~

they could never understand why i had become a "dropout", as they termed it. in the neat trajectory of their well-trimmed life, i suppose i was their only real failure.  okay everyone would say i was a total useless daughter. but do they actually know? i might be one.. neither u or everyone else know.. so what's the point of saying something u actually have no idea with it.? 

i didn't choose for my life to turn out like this. i never plan like this. :) but it is actually the past and i am proud for what i am now. being here all by my own... no one know how hard it was to be here.. how hard i tried. and life had teaches me too much that my brain a bit older than the rest at my age... but i guess it was the bless.~ i'd made the right decision.. and behind all the things happen in my life.. i know.. my folks are actually very proud of me. 

i had wanted "freedom" from my over-protective parents and the dull aspirations they represented, but somehow had become ensnared in dreary responsibility. although flooded with all the pleasure they could give, but since the beginning, I have decided to get anything I want and with my own efforts. even though what they can give are better than what i got by my own but there's something about it make its worth it. learning to be independent wasn't that easy at first, but with perseverance and a desire to build a house using my own column,I finally stand like this. despite having well doing life. i'd live  the destruction but i'd never assume the experiences as disaster, but a practical way of learning. and all these experiences made ​​me appreciate my parents even though until now I never feel enough affection! never satisfied with small portion of love i got. even though being alone and being away from family is a normal life for me but all the distance is actually watering the seeds of "wanted" to be comforting familiarity in me that's when sometimes I am lost in my own feeling. how i miss to be home and being pampered.

i want to live my life in where the sun was always shining and no one defined me by what i did or what was my background is.
as the wind play my hair i can feel the soft touch of it on my face. i couldn't remember why i'd ever move away and returned. choosing of returning but not actually home, as to escape the person i was becoming. people on my point of view changing from positive to negative then turn to positive depends on how much they had take the negative in process of learning.

"the more u get through , the more u earn" ~ i had nodded earnestly at this injunction but in reality i actually don't understand any. "it was just an experience, and today was just another day" back to first. :) i was soooooooo stupid. ~

i guess i learn much better now. ~ and i miss mommy so much.~ im goin home for christmas....:) its holiday soon. enough with memories.

i am actually trying to improve my english :) by writing in english.

Friday, 16 December 2011

someday somewhere..~

uuuhhh~ touching sy!~ td balik rumah nda sempat lagi jumpa mommy ni... rindu!!!!!~ sangat! hahaha.. miss u mommy.. nda pa lah.... seminggu jak lagi cuti christmas. :) 

Monday, 12 December 2011

things i'd tried to hold on to.~

The most destructive habit....WORRY.!~ 
The greatest joy.............

The greatest loss...LOSS OF SELF-RESPECT.!!~

The most satisfying work...HELPING OTHERS!~
the ugliest personality trait...SELFISHNESS!!~
The most endangered species...DEDICATED LEADERS!!~

our greatest natural resource...OUR YOUTH!~
greatest "shot in the arm"...ENCOURAGEMENT!~
greatest problem to overcome...FEAR!~

most effective sleeping pill...PEACE OF MIND!~
mots crippling disease...EXCUSES!~
most powerful force in life...LOVE!~

most incredible computer...BRAIN!~
worst thing to be without...HOPE!~
deadliest weapon...THE TONGUE!~

2 most power-filled words..."I CAN" !!~
greatest asset...FAITH!~
most worthless emotion...SELF-PITY!~

most beautiful attire...SMILE!~
most prized posession...INTEGRITY!~
most contagious spirit...ENTHUSIASM!~

for dreams that turns to memory.~


tough times don't last! tough people do~~

people get through different path in life~ everybody has their own problem in different way~ so there's no use of comparing who suffer the most.!~ well tough times do not last! but tough people do.~ some people are strong enough to walk away but they are damn broken enough to look back. but we our self need to motivated our own self..~ that its not just because we see our self worst enough then people will look just the same way..~ different people with different thinking... i wondered what was the possibility of having totally all the same? the hardest come first for better later~ rains comes before sun show up~ when its comes that way there a rainbow behind it smiling looking towards you..

the benefits of reading (among students)

the benefits of readingJ
(part two)
Reading is one of most important things that we will learn in school or university. By reading, we can improve our knowledge and information also a lot of things as well. A week ago, I am myself, together with my group members was assigned to do some essay about the benefits of reading among students. Here are some benefits of reading that we had share during our presentation.

First of all, reading can reduce boredom. People are normally will have their time when they have nothing to do and being bored. So, when you are bored, why don’t try to pick some books and start reading. By choosing the right books, you will found out that reading can be attracting and you will at least stop being bored for a while. But it is also depends on what kind of story or book you are into as we have various interest and specialization. At the same time, you had improved your discipline by making time to read and stick to it.

In addition, by reading, we can improve our self-esteem. It is not hard to spend some of our time to read some books that actually will help us to become more knowledgeable as it will help us in our daily life by providing us enough information so that we have more self-assurance that will lead to high self-esteem. Through the knowledge we got from reading it has actually helps us improve our skills in socializing with people.

Another one benefits we can get from reading is that it is easier for us to make friends especially with the people from different places and country. As reading actually had limited our border of knowledge which will make us always have something to talk about. We can discuss and share about things in the books we read or even talk about others cultures and ethnicity of people, their customs, and their lifestyle without travelling. With more knowledge that we had from reading people will always find us for information right?

As a student, there’s a lot more benefits that we actually can get from reading. Instead of wasting our time doing nothing, there’s no wrong in adding this habit of reading as our hobbies as it actually can make the big changes in our daily life. Well if you never try you will never know. Let us together break this monotony of a lazy and bored life and filled it with information and ingenuity.

(this essay is still too long after i'd summarize it but the idea just dont wanna go.. haha... what shud i do then? without the correct words the meaning or what i actually wanna tell can't be perform well.)

Friday, 9 December 2011

happy birthday!~ my sweet 19~

TO ME!~ 
(sweet 19~ december 08)
yeah!~ it was my birthday last day..~ @@~ i almost forgot bout that..~ yeah well hey.. i guess "somebody" will want to know how? where? with who? did i celebrate my bday.~ or the probability of no one cares was a bit high ya..~ haha.... :) its okay coz i dont care whether there's anyone care or not coz this is my page and im goin to write~ :P

okay.. so now we're goin to talk about my bday.. which is... nothing to talk about~ haha... SERIOUSLY.! i didn't celebrate my bday~ i was at the library freezing to death!~ ALONE~ and i guess that wasn't a new thing so nothing would be so interesting here:)

i am gratefull enough that i have a mother who able to sent a simple text message sound "happy birth day" with un-correctly spelled. i got my biscuit for my birthday. lol.. thats sound funny but u DON'T KNOW HOW BLUE I AM!!!~ and im not goin to talk bout that.

life like waterfall:)

Life is a waterfall,

we're one in the river,

and one again after the fall.

Swimming through the void

we hear the word,

we lose ourselves,

but we find it all...

Cause we are the ones that want to play,

always want to go,

but you never want to stay.

And we are the ones that want to choose,

always want to play,

but you never want to lose.

Aerials, in the sky,

when you lose small mind,

you free your life.

Life is a waterfall,

we drink from the river,

then we turn around and put up our walls.

Swimming through the void,

we hear the word,

we lose ourselves,

but we find it all...

Cause we are the ones that want to play,

always want to go,

but you never want to stay.

And we are the ones that want to choose,

always want to play,

but you never want to lose, ooooo.

Aerials, in the sky,

when you lose small mind,

you free your life.

Aerials, so up high,

when you free your eyes,

eternal prize.

Aerials, in the sky,

when you lose small mind,

you free your life.

Aerials,so up high,

when you free your eyes,

eternal prize

oooooooooo , ooooooooooo



-the band almost always says their songs are meaningless or about some random thing that doesn't seem to have great purpose, but if you also take a look at one of their goals, which is to help people to think for themselves, then you have to look past even their own words to find any meaning that they would have tried to plant there for us.

a lot of their songs seemed to be based off of how they feel about things.

when they say

Life is a waterfall

We're one in the river

and one again after the fall

The lyrics rush you with several meanings at once.

Life is a waterfall, what do we notice about waterfalls?

They fall downwards, so life brings us down. Isn't it true? The actual reality of the things that go on in the world, murders, rapes, death, it can really bring you down if you acknowledge them. Another thing about a waterfall is that it never exists on its own, it always has a source, like a river or a stream. So if a waterfall is the acknowledgement of the terrible things in the world and letting it bring you down, what could the river be? The time before you realize what goes on in the world, often times this is your childhood. So when we're one in the river, and we're one again after the fall, it shows we are ourselves before and after the reality if life hits us and brings us down. Is that true for everyone? No, but think about it. When we were living as children with not a worry in the world, we were ourselves. Then once we began figuring out how the world worked and what happens in the world, we probably had a time of inner conflict where we had to figure things out, and after we figured/figure it out can adjust to it and find ourselves again.

Swimming through the void

we hear the words

we lose ourselves

but we find it all?

I'm going to skip to the second line to help you understand the first later.

We hear the words, we lose ourselves but we find it all. Well when we hear the words, we are being told or educated something. Following up on the previous meaning, we are probably finding out about the reality of life. After we find out about life, we lose ourselves but we find it all, which means we are given the full picture of what's going on, so we find out about everything (or do we? that's why there's a question mark there). So this part is describing the actual fall of life.

So what is the void?

Since we are still swimming through the river of life, the void is the place right "before" the fall. It is the image of life and what we believe to be true that we are living out before we actually know, and then we "hear the words" (are educated about what really goes on in the world) and then the "fall" takes place while we deal with what we have found out.

Cause we are the ones that want to play

always want to go

But you never want to stay

and we are the ones that want to choose

always want to play

but you never want to lose.

this describes our nature during our time in the Void or before the actual fall takes place. These descriptions of who we are is what makes the fall so devastating to us.

Cause we are the ones that want to play:

we don't want to have to take things seriously, we want to just have fun and be kids, without responsibility, and living in happy ignorance.

When reality hits us, we can no longer "play" we have to "work" and "survive".

Always want to go, but you never want to stay.

Humans in general are never really satisfied, we always strive for more and we always want.

we always want to go out and try to gain what we want, but we never stay satisified with it.

When reality hits us, we can't always get what we want and sometimes we do have to try and stay with what we have.

and we are the ones that want to choose

Humans want to be in control generally, and we want to choose for ourselves and sometimes others. When reality hits us, we don't always have this kind of control and we don't always get to choose what we get or what happens to us.

we always want to play but we never want to lose

this is a given, who wants to lose at anything? but when reality hits us, what happens? we find out that sometimes we have to lose, we can't win everything.

So those lines described us in the void.

Aerials in the sky

When you lose small mind

You free your life.

Aerials are just things in the sky. Basically this part is saying, think big, don't think with a "small mind", think about the big picture, and it will free your life.

Life is a waterfall

we drink from the river

then we turn around and put up our walls

life is a waterfall just shows us that we are speaking of the river AFTER the fall at this point. We drink from the river, then we turn around and put up our walls. So we experience life now knowing what it is like since we are after the falls and we have experienced life, so instead of accepting it, we turn around and put up our walls. For those of you that don't know, walls in psychological terms is rejecting or blocking something out to protect yourself. In this case we are protecting ourselves against life, after tasting what it's like after gaining an understanding of it, so this stanza or whatever its called just shows us what we think of life knowing what it is now. This is probably before we are ourselves again, what we are like before we adapt to life's reality and become ourselves again.

Aerials, in the sky,

When you lose small mind,

You free your life.

Aerials, so up high,

When you free your eyes,

Eternal prize.

Aerials, in the sky,

When you lose small mind,

You free your life.

Aerials, so up high,

When you free your eyes,

Eternal prize.

This is just saying the same thing as before, think big rather than thinking with a small mind. Think of the big picture. Think as big and tall as the aerials in the sky. Adapt to life knowing what it is, now that you hav
e gained the new understanding

accountingg concepts~ my summary:)

business entity concepts:~ the concept that profit is the difference between revenue and expenses.

goin concern concept:~ assumption/prediction that a business is to continue for a long time.

money measurement concept/monetary concept:~ monetary concept in accounting are acceptable and can obtain general agreement. it is effective and accounting is concerned only with facts measurable in money.

periodicity/accounting period:~ assumption implies that the economic activities of a business can be divided into orbitary time periods, namely, monthly, quarterly or yearly:)

historical cost concept:~ assets are normally shown at cost price.

consistency concepts:~ just remember that in accounting they have their own format/straight line methods that had been adopted. so.. just keep the same method of recording transactions,EXCEPT in SPECIAL CASES. ONLY!!

accrual concept:~ the concept that profit is the difference between revenue and expenses.(both expenses and revenue must be recorded whether they have been paid/received or not)

realization concept:~ this is a concept of profit as being earned at a particular point.( we get profit when the goods are passed to the customer, not when the order for the goods is received).

dual affect concept:~ the concept of dealing with both aspects (A=OE+L) of transaction. which is also well-known as double entry concept:).

materiality concept:~ recording something in a special way only if the amount is not a small one.(transaction that significantly affects the net income report of a business is considered to be material).

prudence/conservatism concepts:~ ensuring that profit/assets are not shown as being too high. ( assets and income should no be overstated and expenses and losses are not understated!)~ 


hi there,
here i am again~ haven't updating since a few day i was busy concealing my self from my unseen-able enemy.~ i was so tired this few day.. i start to think think think unnecessary things again.. i don't know why when and what had cause this~ but im totally losing my way back!~ i just so confused by my self and maybe i was so bored or whatsoever~ and im trying to make my self busy:) ending up in the library~ doing my habit. i seriously haven't read any books ( i mean~ "books" that other than ACC106 MGT162 MAT112 IDA102 BEL120 )~ i become less talking people again.. its turning to the other side of me which is pretty silent~what should i do? its like i cant see nothing! hear nothing! and its seems like i didnt talk any? or maybe i need to be a blind person so that i can see what i can't see.. maybe i need to be deaf so that i can hear what i can't hear.. and maybe i need to be dumb so that people can hear what i want to talk .. because they seems can't hear me:)~ at all. im trying to call my "happy-go-lucky-girl-me" to come back.~ 

Monday, 5 December 2011


The sky is so grey.. it looks like it has just cried
After leaving you
I did not gain anymore freedom
The bitterness of the air
Sensing our distance
A scene of a heartbreaking ending
Like breathing, unable to stop
The yellowed diary in the drawer
Pressed dry our own memories
That smile is summer
Our past
Has been forgotten as time goes by
A love that lacks oxygen
Tears without care are unnecessary
I know it is not your fault, and that it is not mine
We just forgot to step back
We made ... promises to each other
Yet they become empty with time
It's just letting go would make it easier
(but) The most beautiful love will continue in my memory

Saturday, 3 December 2011

introduction to concepts and conventions of accounting:)

various accounting principles and concepts.

introduction: ~BOOKKEEPING(process of recording data) is based on a system called double entry system:) (debit/credit). in accounting a certain guidelines or rules must be followed before the final accounts prodeced. (means that in accounting there's a fixed format)

basic accounting concepts:)
~there's few concepts in accounting. 
which is:

  1. entity concepts:Basic accounting principle under which a business ororganization is deemed as an entity in its own regard, separate from its stockholders (shareholders), managers, or proprietor. Also called entity assumption. ~the items recorded in a business's book are limited to transaction that affect the business only. the record and reports should not include either transaction or asset that other than the business.
  2. goin concern:The 'going concern' concept in accounting is an assumption that the business will continue to exist for the foreseeable future. Accountants adopt the 'going concern' concept so they can prepare realistic financial reports. Without the 'going concern' concept, accountants would have to write off all assets in the current period including long term assets that still have an economic benefit for future periods.(Financial statements are prepared assuming that the company is a going concern which means that the company intends to continue its business and is able to do so.)
  3. money measurement/monetary unit assumption:Accounting is the language of business and numbers are its letters. Through accounting we can communicate only those accounting transactions and other events which can be expressed in monetary units. This is called monetary unit assumption.One aspect of the monetary unit assumption is that currencies lose their purchasing power over time due to inflation, but in accounting we assume that the currency units are stable in value. This is alternatively called stable dollar assumption.(monetary unit is the most effective means of expressing to interested parties changes in capital, and exchanges of godds and services.)
  4. periodicity/accounting period:Although businesses intend to continue in long-term it is always helpful to account for their performance and position based on certain time periods because it provides timely feedback and helps in making timely decisions.Under time period assumption, we prepare financial statements quarterly, half-yearly or annually. The income statement provides us an insight into the performance of the company for a period of timeThe statement of cash flows and the statement of changes in equity provide detail of how the company's financial position changed during the time period.
  5. historical cost:Accounting is concerned with past events and it requires consistency and comparability that is why it requires the accounting transactions to be recorded at their historical costs. This is called historical cost concept.Historical cost is the amount of resources given up to acquire the asset or consume the service or the amount of liability incurred.In subsequent periods when there is appreciation is value, the value is not recognized as an increase in assets value except where otherwise required by the standards. example:100 units of an item were purchased one month back for $10 per unit. The price today is $11 per unit. The inventory shall appear on balance sheet at $1,000 and not at $1,100.
  6. consistency:in accounting this concepts deals with the consistent use of ACCOUNTING BASIS for METHODS. FOR EXAMPLE:once a business has adopted the straight line method,this  method should be used both within one accounting period and from one accounting period to another.
  7. accural/matching concepts:Business transactions are recorded when they occur and not when the related payments are received or made. This concept is called accrual basis of accounting and it is fundamental to the usefulness of financial accounting information.In order to reach accurate net income figure the expenses incurred in earnings revenues recognized in a time period should be recognized in that time period and not in the next or previous. This is called matching principle.
  8. realization/revenue recognation principal:Revenue recognition principle tells that revenue is to be recognized only when the rewards and benefits associated with the items sold or service provided is transferred, where the amount can be estimated reliability and when the amount is recoverable.
    Accrual basis of accounting is used in recognizing revenue which tells that revenue is to be recognized ignoring when the cash inflows occur.

help me!!

somebody please help me! coz i am really down~ lift me up off this wet uncomfortable ground please? teach me the right thing coz everything seems wrong. HELP ME TO STAY STRONG!~ 
SOMEBODY please take my hand and walk with me.~ show me what i should do... bring me to the right way. show me what i shud be now?


i am so down now and seems like no one had care.~ 

where are you mommy?
where are you daddy?

i can live my independently life but i can't be alone..
i can live my own but i might need help sometimes.

where are you?
my sweet friends?
when i need the most?
why dont u guys take my hand~
i wanna stay close~
i feel really down now...

where are you now guys.?
why don't you show up? ~

Friday, 2 December 2011


HEHE... okay here now let me tell u how was the feeling of being single..

its fun ya.! but it is bored as well... 

sometimes u'll have this "whatwasthephoneusedfor" thinking.. and its damn shit... ahahahha...

Thursday, 1 December 2011


I) What is a countable noun?

a) It is a noun which is for things we can count.
Examples of countable nouns: table, bag, school
We can say: one table, two tables... one bag, two bags...

b) It usually has a plural form:
Examples: table > tables | bag > bags | school > schools

II) What is an uncountable noun?
a) It is a noun which is for things we cannot count.
Examples of uncountable nouns: 
tea, sugar, water, air, rice.

b) Uncountable nouns are 
often the names for abstract ideas or qualities.Examples: knowledge, beauty, anger, fear, love.

c) They usually do not have a plural form. They are used with a singular verb. 
Examples: we cannot say "sugars, angers, knowledges".

We cannot use a/an with these nouns. To express a quantity of one of these nouns, we use a word or expression like:
somea lot ofa piece ofa bit ofa great deal of...
Examples:He gave me a great deal of advice before my interview.
They've got a lot of furniture.

:) simple interest

i'd do some revision with my friend tonite... :)i mean just now.. i am glad that i slowly get used to this environment:) get socialize with some classmate so that i can survive in here... thanks God that he give me this chance to be here and i hope i can stay here.. i hope i can chance my and my family future as well.....

i am finally feeling better day by day.. family seems to be more concern bout me.. i mean they'd finally take the responsibility to helping me out instead of hoping me to survive my own. even i'd learn to live independently, i admit that there's sometimes i blame them for just letting me. but i guess now... my love for them had already expanded.:)

i'll prove that i can do this my self! ~ i would like to make both mummy and daddy feel proud that they had daughter like me. once again i admit that i'd never satisfied with what i'd give or proved. well.... i want when they talk about me to their friend they will said it proudly. 

so.... that the story for today. and i guess i should sleep by this time because i have class with sir ammirul tomorrow morning and i don't wanna look tired cause my face look blur enough. 

i'd being closer to some of my classmate ( sury and linda ) today.. and i hope i can get even closer to everyone inside the classroom soon.. :) 

<<< me!~

<<< me!~