Wednesday, 11 September 2013

:) wednesday

hello guys!,
      hey, how were u doin? hoping that you all have a good time as well as mine. 
probably i was extremely happy today coz i just done with my mandarin listening test and also my mgt310 presentation. and as goin great! 

but guys, whoever wherever, make sure, next time when you're involved in presentation, PREPARE WELL! hehe so you will doin even better. haha
got to go, lesson started in few minutes.  

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Boy you came again on my thought like suddenly and it just remind me on how pain my heart was when u walk out of my life.
Hearing your name again n been told bout how great u're doin with me driven me craze! I hate you. U probably dont know how much i'd hurted when i decide to sacrifice my feeling for yours. How can i forgot about all the promises that u broke! And all i can do is pretending that i was happy that i know you're happy!
All the memories flooded in makes me cant sleep!

in the middle of the night

Its 12.56am, im tired yet cant sleep. So i decide to update my blog. After a very long time i i guess here i am again.

Sharing my latest update. That i am now again working..this time with famous well known company, KFC.

working and studying at the same time was very tiring but i guess it will be worth is it guys?

<<< me!~

<<< me!~