Saturday, 18 June 2011

i made it!~

yeah!~ finally i made it.. lol..... i've learn long time ago.. n keep saying to my self.. being honest was the best way ever.. and the result was super nice.. :) see... no need to worry bout being hated! lol.... ^______^ super cool n now i feel relieve n happy.!~ 

bcoz its happenn.. so what happen should be forgot!~ just keep make it till things goin ryte!~
* and please..!~ i wasnt bad as what u have on your mind now okay... hahahahahaha..... * 
*what happen here means THE DECISIONS i'd make... wheter will make me happy or worse or whatsoever that i dont really care.. n honestly!! IDK!! hahaha..but whatever happen the day after today.. result will be just *RITE OR WRONG* lol... we can make wrong things rite when we know how... and i just hope that i know.! WOW.. WHY I DIDNT KNOW HOW?? *HOW COME I DIDNT KNOW HOW* ==' hahaha....

BTW... wish me good luck okay!~ from now on will have more time to be with family... have a talk.. have a friend.. have a life... lead my BROTHERS AND SISTERS TO DISASTER!~ hahaha... no im kidding!~ 

i guess im just a good sister! god i knew that.. i am good anyway.. hahahaha.. n sweet!~ n cutey!~ and everything sounds cute!~ hahaha... im not perasan okay... I AM FULL OF SELF CONFIDENCE!!~~ WEEE.... *self confidence* hahaha.... well done! 

TO THE WORLD... *ME* ... jeez... im back!~ thank god... haha.... no more sad2 okay... ?:) hihihi.... 
*just wanna ask.. (or maybe trying to make you all hate me).. im such a cutey arent me?* hahaha.. 

kidding bhua!~~ ^______^


<<< me!~

<<< me!~